Virtual Pain Relief
Virtual Pain Relief

Your Health and Safety

I'm passionate about helping you get fit, tone up, and generally feel good in your body. I'm also passionate about helping you avoid injuries, both in your daily life, and while taking part in any fitness regime.

But, the advice on this website is general in nature.  (I don't know you personally. I don't know your specific issues, level of fitness, etc.) So please take care when trying any of the exercises or other advice on this site.

While the advice on this site is given in good faith and is based on a great deal of professional experience, it is your responsibility to decide how, and to what extent, it might apply to you.

Please ensure that you check with a doctor, or suitably qualified health professional, before taking any action based on the advice on this site.

Please also note...
1. Over-doing any exercise takes it out of the effective zone and into the "OUCH" zone. Please pay careful attention to the suggested number of repetitions etc and DO NOT EXCEED THIS until you are completely comfortable with this level.

2. Similarly always begin exercises at the lowest level of challenge and completely master this level before moving on to more advanced moves.

3. STOP AT ONCE if you are in pain, or in doubt as to what you are doing or whether you would be safe to continue.

4. A little exercise done regularly is way more effective that a lot done occasionally