Virtual Pain Relief
Virtual Pain Relief

Virtual Pain Relief.

Discover how The Douglas Method can relief your pain and stop re-occurence from the comfort of your own sofa.

Virtual Consultations and Treatments available via Zoom from any location (USA, Canada, Australia, UK) for your convenience and safety.
"I had three Virtual online sessions with Susan and from the first one she was able to pinpoint the cause of my pain. She subsequently set up a range of personalised exercises, to strengthen my areas of weakness and the pain subsided.
I really liked the way that Susan was thorough in the first session, in investigating the cause of my pain, taking me through a range of physical exercises and questions to locate the cause. She explained everything clearly and helped me understand what was going on in my body.t.
I now feel I have the tools to continue to work on it and know that I can contact Susan again for advice when needed. Thank you so much Susan. I really appreciate your unique approach and expertise in this area. You do look for the cause of the pain and I found this refreshing."
Best wishes,