Virtual Pain Relief
Virtual Pain Relief


"I’ve suffered from back pain for months if not years. 

I went to visit Susan and after the first appointment I felt an improvement, after the second visit I had experienced my first pain free days for a long time. 

After the third appointment and up till now I have been pain free. Thank you..." 

Craig Paterson

"No one had ever told me that the problem was coming from the ankles.

  I was always told that my back was the issue. Susan got to the root of the problem advising me that the back was actually a symptom of the foot problem.

Susan made me feel very confident as she knew what she was doing. This made me feel very much at easy4

I now have the knowledge regarding that I am hypermobile. I feel that I have the knowledge know to manage my back to stop niggling pain returning."

"I have suffered from various MSK problems since my mid 20s.

 Having previously had sessions with 3 different chiropractors and probably 4 different physios, with no real long term effect, I had reached a point where I accepted my pain, stiffness and restricted movement.

Susan’s assessment was thorough and methodical and for the first time I felt I was speaking to someone who could ‘join up the dots’ of my various aches, pains and areas of weakness.

 She was able to explain my joint hyper mobility and focused on areas that I needed to strengthen.

The improvement in my back was immediate and by my second appointment I could say I had no pain or discomfort at all- the best my back has felt in years.

In further sessions we focused on my neck and shoulder with similar levels of improvement.

 I have since recommended Susan to anyone who has complained of pains as her intervention has really been quite miraculous for me, I wish I had come across her years ago."

Aimee Ami.
"Susan explained that she would get to the root of the problem rather than just treating the symptom. KCR specialists worked but never lasted.

Susan s approach is very professional, knowledgeable basically knows what she is talking about. Susan explained why I had the dodgy knees in a straightforward logical way.

Susan diagnosed me as hypermobile which is something I was not aware of before. 

This meant that I became more knowledgeable about what the problem was as well and could manage it effectively..

I am aware that my knees have improved by about 70% in that I mean that they do not hyperextend as much.
They used to look like 2 wrinkly bums lol, but not now.

Susan also worked on the reason why my nerves trapped whilst riding my horse.

   Susan analysed that due to the fact that my horse is particularly wide this took my hip into an extremely large range of movement. 

This then put my pelvis into anterior tilt which is why the nerve is trapping. I also was getting trapped nerves in my back when I was lying flat. 

I now no longer have a sore back.

Susan is very approachable, and even makes the treatments fun and educational."

"Earlier in the year around mid August I had a bad fall at work, I was in excruciating pain in my lower left back.

The pain was always there, I found it hard to sit down, get in/out of the car, could no longer run.

I tried stretching, going to Thai massage but the relief was only temporary, it would be back again within a day or two.
I was recommended by a friend to visit Susan.

I read all of the reviews and couldn’t see any negatives.

At the beginning of October I visited her, she sat me down and made me feel at home, she spent time telling of me about her and how she got into her profession.

Susan was very knowledgable and also very understanding, she took notes as I talked through my line of work, the accident I had and the pain I was feeling.

After only two sessions she told me that I had a slipped disk, Susan gave me various stretches to do at home, two to three times a day.

I remember after the ultrasound she helped me with a particular stretch and I remember the feeling of the disk popping back into place.

Since the treatment I have felt no pain what so ever and I could not recommend this woman more.

 I often talk to family and friends about the experience and how I can’t speak highly enough of her."

Colin Harti
"For many years now I have suffered with back, knee and ankle joint problems and as I have got older these problems have recurred more frequently.

During each one to one session she manipulated each problem area and her experience allowed her to work back from the painful site pinpointing the source.

Our needs are very varied but her in depth knowledge of each person means that she personalises stretches and movements appropriately.

I can see and feel the benefit that working with Susan has had. I have more flexibility and strength, particularly in my lower body and that impacts positively on my everyday life.
Working with her has most definitely helped me."

Anne Corr