Stretching Made Easy (+Very Quick Quiz)

We all know there's no such thing as a "perfect body" (despite what the media might have you believe).

However, you're probably not looking for a perfect body.  You'd be happy if your body looked fit and toned, and functioned well, supporting you in enjoying your life to the full.

Take a moment now and think about these two questions:

  1. How many times in a typical day does your back, hips or shoulders feel stiff, achy or downright painful?
    a) Zero
    b) Once or twice
    c) More often than not
    d) All the time
  2. How often do you avoid doing things you enjoy because your body feels like it's not up to it (or you know you'll feel sore the next day)?
    a) Never
    b) Occasionally
    c) Often
    d) All the time.

If your answers to either question tended more towards c and d then chances are your body is not supporting you in the ways you'd like.  That can be frustrating, painful and take a lot of the pleasure out of life.

It's also true that injuries left to themselves can have a serious knock-on effect on other body systems.  And, as we get older, what were minor niggles, can turn into major pains.

The Douglas Method can help.  And believe it or not, the place to get started with re-tuning your body is often with stretching.

Yet many people don't really know how to stretch correctly:

  • It's very easy to over do it - going past the point to which your muscle naturally wants  to lengthen. This can be counter-productive
  • Also, if you look for help on-line, you are likely to see some 18 year old doing extreme yogic stretches - far away from what the normal person needs, or is able to do
  • Stretching is NOT a balance test - if you're trying to keep your balance (because you're standing on one leg, say) at the same time as trying to stretch, you are not getting the full benefit of the stretch

As always with the Douglas Method, it's about doing the stretch at the right level, and in the way that works for you.  So I've put together an e-book that explains (with pictures) how to make a really important stretch (hamstrings) perfect for you.

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