So there I was, in a class, innocently talking about how one might work up to the point of being able to do the splits...

And then some clients came up with the idea of doing a "sponsored splits" for charity, specifically for Multiple Sclerosis. Since then this charity challenge idea has grown arms and legs with several people expressing an interest in taking part.

Of course for some folk, doing the splits is never going to be a realistic option, so I've come up with some alternatives - just so everyone has a chance of joining in. (There is no escape!!)

There is a Facebook page for the challenge and a video showing the alternatives (Splits, Round the World and Roll-Ups) also on the Facebook page.

The challenge will take place on at the West Calder Community Centre. So you have until then to work up to the 50 repeats of whatever option you are doing.

I will be talking in class about the safest and most effective ways to build up to this number of repeats.

PLEASE NOTE: If you want to take part, please ask me about which option would be suitable for you - we don't want any injuries as a result of this - I can always suggest alternatives, taking your existing issues into account.

Here's hoping lots of you will want to take part in this challenge. And we'll raise lots of money for MS.

Even if you can't take part, please tell your friends about the challenge, either by going to the Facebook page for the challenge and inviting them, or sharing this post using the buttons below.  (Or of course, you could just talk to folk about it!!!!  🙂