If I am doing Pilates do I really need to stretch?

Often you will hear, or read, that if participating in Pilates there should be no reason to stretch. The theory is that Pilates exercises combine stretches within the movements.

This is quite true, full and complete Pilates exercises DO combine stretches within the movements. However most people (the majority of the population actually) are not flexible enough to be able to perform those "full strength" Pilates movements. And if you can't do the movements, you won't be doing the stretching!

My method addresses this problem by analysing which muscles are tight and require stretching, and then prescribing the correct stretches.

As my "Hamstring Stretches" Hand-Book explains, every person has various ranges of flexibility. This is why it is SO important that the correct stretch is found for you: so that you can improve your flexibility and gain all of the associated benefits, like:

  • Being able to perform everyday tasks
  • Not feeling stiff and sore
  • Being able to do other activities with greater ease (run with the grand kids!!)
  • Continuing to do your pastime or sport no matter what age you are.

The more your flexibility improves, the more of the exercises you will be able to do - giving you more of the strengthening, toning results you want.  Eventually you will possibly be able to perform the full Pilates movements to their full extent. You might then not need to do specific stretches, and your flexibility will be maintained. And so will the benefits!

So!!!! The answer is: YES you do need to stretch (unless you are one of the few who are already fit and flexible enough to do the full-on Pilates exercises).

So if you have not downloaded my Hamstring E book please download it, and try it - you will be surprised at the benefits you will gain.

And look out for the next E book in the New Year!

I hope all my friends, clients and future clients have a great Xmas and an even better New Year and I look forward to working with you all in 2012.

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