How It Works

Don't let back-pain stop you from enjoying life.
Don't let back-pain stop you from enjoying life.

Your body has to endure a lot: injuries, poor use, repetative strain, over-training, sitting at a desk all day...

No wonder you've got aches, pains, stiffness, limited movement, etc etc.

The Douglas Method aims to enable you to develop and maintain a fully-functional, lithe, poised and pain-free body, so you can easily and safely take part in whatever physical activities you wish, well into “old age”.

So How Does It Work?

To have a body that works and feels better, you need:

1. An expert practitioner

Someone who understands how bodies work, how things go wrong and how to set them right again. And one who knows how to empower you to take control of your own recovery.

Susan Douglas has an extensive knowledge of body mechanics and muscle systems. Plus a wealth of training and experience in a wide variety of techniques and modalities, and, how to work with special client groups. She is also passionate about passing on her knowledge to clients.

2. A personalised service

Your body has its own specific issues. These are helped or hindered by your specific life circumstances, like what you do for a living, and what traumas or accidents you've suffered. So exercises and other interventions, feedback, analysis - all need to be tailored to you - otherwise they can cause more harm than good.

Douglas Method classes involve a lot of interaction and discussion - plus plenty of personal attention and tailored instruction. So you're not doing THE exercises, you're doing YOUR exercises.

One-to-one consultations really are completely focused on you, and your health, and give you access to specific, bespoke, and on-the-spot treatment and advice for fast and effective relief from pain.

3. A comprehensive and effective system for achieving results

There seem to be a lot of alternatives for anyone wanting to feel better in their body. But that doesn't make it easy to tell which would be effective, which you actually need or, which might cause you more problems. And there is a lot of conflicting advice. It's all too easy to try things haphazardly and get nowhere.

The Douglas Method is an expertly-designed and proven system of injury rehabilitation and fitness development that puts you at the center of the action.

Its principles (like Unified Body StrengtheningTM, Structural Pathways AssessmentTM and remedial FIX_IT ProceduresTM) work together to help you feel lithe, strong, resilient and in harmony with your body.

What About "The Core"?

You may have noticed that "core strength" hasn't been mentioned very much. This is because, while a strong core is important, working on your core is only part of the story. Your core doesn't work on its own, any more than your heart does.

It may be controversial to say it, but core strength really isn't the "holy grail" it is often made out to be.

The Douglas Method does include a fair bit of thinking about, and working on, the core muscles, but as part of a range of interventions that apply to different muscle groups. Your body is a system - not a set of parts.

The Douglas Method system works to help you feel good in your body by reducing pain, restoring function and flexibility, and helping you stay free to take part in all the activities you love.

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