Douglas Method Personal Training

(You take your sport seriously but sometimes it feels like you're just not progressing. How can you get past that plateau and get the results you want?)

Leaner, fitter, strongerL achieve your personal training goals.
Leaner, fitter, stronger: achieve your personal training goals.

If you are thinking about personal training, then you are probably seeking better results than you have been getting.

Better results means different things to different people, but might include - better scores, faster times, more lean muscle, more control, more power, better balance etc.

However you measure it, you want to progress.


So what do you do when you hit the frustration of a plateau?

Or even go backwards due to injury or seemingly random body-breakdowns...

Conventional personal trainers will tell you to work harder... train more... no gain without pain...

...But doing more of what's not working is a waste of time - and can do more harm than good.

The popular mythology is probably that you have a weak core and need to do lots of e.g. planks to improve it...

...But a lot of what's said about the core is just that - myth. Sure, core stability may be an issue, but lack of spinal alignment, or undiagnosed joint issues, may be more significant factors - and if you're not addressing those, so-called "core exercises" are more likely to cause injury. (Or at best be ineffectual.)

So you (and your coach) may be at a loss

Sports specialists often lack the in-depth holistic understanding of the whole body mechanical system needed to identify under-lying issues. (And typically they don't have the breadth of skill and technique required to actually remedy difficult issues.)

So your sports coach or dance teacher may be at a loss as to why your technique just isn't getting any better.

Of course you might be doing d-i-y personal training i.e. be putting a fitness regime together from information you've sourced yourself.

But how can you be sure your fitness sources aren't out of date, too general, or just plain wrong?

You need...

Master-Level Personal Training

Douglas Method Personal Training gives you the edge.
Douglas Method Personal Training gives you the edge.

Master-level personal training gives you the edge.

If you are serious about raising your game, you need someone who really knows what they are talking about.

Susan Douglas has 20+ years of experience in the personal training field (and has, in fact, trained Gym Instructors, Personal Trainers and Pilates Instructors). So why not go direct to the source?

Plus, the Douglas Method is designed specifically to identify and address the kinds of intransigent and under-lying issues that can cause pain and prevent progress.

Douglas Method Personal Training gives you access to a comprehensive system of health and fitness.

DM Personal Training can help you get real results especially if...

[box align=left background=#fff border=true border_rule='2px #C5FCD3 solid' border_radius=20 color=#000 margin=0 padding=2 shadow=0 style='font-style: oblique; margin-top:1.5em;;margin-bottom:2em;']Susan's personal training helped me complete ultra-endurance marathon...

I was recommended to see Susan by a Doctor friend. I had running injuries which were exacerbated by flexibility issues.
Susan’s personal training approach was focused yet pragmatic. It was well suited to what I needed and seeing her in my own home made it very handy for me when I was busy at work during the week.
I now have more flexibility in my lower body, which certainly has helped my running and enabled me to complete a very challenging ‘ultra’ endurance race in the Alps recently.
Susan is friendly, easy to talk to and professional in her approach. She is genuinely interested in the well being of her clients and remains interested in their post-treatment status.”

Richard Bell[/box]

Douglas Method Personal Training: Get Fit and Excel at Your Sport

Be fabulous with Douglas Method Personal Training.
Be more fabulous with Douglas Method Personal Training.

Not everyone wants to run a marathon.

But if you want to

Douglas Method Personal Training can help you achieve more, while reducing your injury risk, and increasing your overall well-being.

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