Douglas Method Evolved-Pilates Classes

(What if I want a more challenging exercise routine? Where do I go next?)

There comes a point when you've released those muscles, strengthened that core and got everything in alignment.

That's when you may be looking for a new level of challenge, but still want the Douglas Method focus on:

Ready for a whole new level of Pilates challenge?
Ready for a whole new level of Pilates challenge?
  • attention to detail and perfect form
  • injury prevention
  • empowerment through education
  • mind-body awareness and feedback

Here it is...



Evolved-PilatesTM Classes

Evolved-PilatesTM classes are advanced classes - still with small numbers and lots of personal attention.

These classes are for those who have already completed at least one term of Douglas Method classes - this is partly to allow Susan to assess your readiness for this advanced level class.

It's also to ensure that you really do know the basics as this will be a much faster moving and challenging class than the classic Douglas Method classes.

Pilates Classes? Really?

Susan has always believed that Pilates is an excellent all-round maintenance regime for those who are strong, flexible and injury free. Some longer-term clients have asked for a more challenging - and more"workout" oriented class.

Susan's aim is to get every particpant of her classic, therapeutic-oriented classes to have evolved their fitness, and understanding of their own capabilties, to the point where they are able to achieve these advanced moves.

Please contact Susan via this link, or ask her at class about Evolved-PilatesTM.

Not ready for advanced classes?

Read more about how the Douglas Method can help you develop strength, flexibility and overall fitness.

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