Virtual Pain Relief
Virtual Pain Relief

A fitness class for anyone who feels stiff, sore, slumped, or seized up...

Release your body with the Douglas Method.

When you want to become more flexible, poised, fit and frisky, the Douglas Method will help you feel good in your body.

Improve posture, flexibility ansd strength. Stop feeling crispy and start feeling frisky!
Stop feeling crispy and start feeling frisky!

Classic Douglas Method classes are designed to ease stiff, sore muscles, improve posture and spinal alignment, and increase strength, flexibility and balance.

Classes run weekly throughout West Lothian, in Mid-Lothian and Fife.

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Douglas Method classes are suitable for all, regardless of experience, ability or physical limitations. (However, chronic pain, injuries or sore backs sometimes need more hands-on treatment than is possible in a class. Depending on the severity of your issues, an individual consultation may be more appropriate. If in doubt please contact Susan to discuss.)

What's Different About a Douglas Method Fitness Class?

"I’ve gained so much – posture much more upright, greater upper-body strength, improved muscle tone and improved overall fitness"

Linda Montgomery

  • Douglas Method classes are designed to help you achieve your health and fitness goals through expertly designed exercises, mo,dified to your needs. They have a therapeutic focus rather than a workout focus.
  • Unlike regular "fitness classes", or even Personal Training, yoga/Pilates classes, Douglas Method classes are not about how many repeats you can do, or how long you can stand on one leg.
  • In these classes you will blend movement, mind-body awareness, and corrective exercises to build flexibility and strength.
  • Plus, discussion happens in every class, to help participants understand what they need to do in class - and in their workouts at home - and why.
  • Limited to a maximum of 12 people, you will get plenty of personal attention.
  • Classes are suitable for everyone from absolute beginners to experienced fitness-bunnies. You'll never feel left out or left behind.
In Susan's fitness class you get plenty of personal atention - to make sure you know what you're doing, and why.
In Susan's fitness class you get plenty of personal atention - to make sure you know what you're doing, and why.

Looking for a Personal Trainer, Pilates, Fitness Class?

The Douglas Method classes developed out of Susan's experience in a plethora of various types of training including Personal Training, Pilates, Strength and Conditioning and many more. Susan's background as an instructor and lecturer in these and many other disciplines has given her a unique insight into why these classes don't work for everyone.

If you've been recommended to try PT, Pilates etc for injury rehabilitation or general well-being - and especially if you've tried them and found it wanting - the Douglas Method is for you.

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