Core Myths

I don't know about you but I hate having the wool pulled over my eyes. "The core" (as in "core strength") is one of the buzziest words around at the moment - it is in the magazines, gyms, on the radio, Strictly Come Dancing, it is everywhere. Well why shouldn't everyone be talking about the […]

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Stretching: why it can be a waste of time - and what does work.

Being in pain affects everything you do. And it's miserable. So you've probably tried lots of thing to help - like stretching. Stretching is often prescribed for back pain, but did you know that you might be wasting your time? What's wrong with stretching? There's nothing wrong with it. But stretching only affects the muscle. […]

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Stretching Made Easy (+Very Quick Quiz)

We all know there's no such thing as a "perfect body" (despite what the media might have you believe). However, you're probably not looking for a perfect body.  You'd be happy if your body looked fit and toned, and functioned well, supporting you in enjoying your life to the full. Take a moment now and […]

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Pilates Charity Challenge in Aid of Multiple Sclerosis

So there I was, in a class, innocently talking about how one might work up to the point of being able to do the splits... And then some clients came up with the idea of doing a "sponsored splits" for charity, specifically for Multiple Sclerosis. Since then this charity challenge idea has grown arms and legs with […]

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Back-Pain: Is This Why You Are Not Getting Rid of It?

Back-pain can severely impact the quality of your life as well as making you miserable.  And sometimes it can feel like you’ll never get rid of it – even when you seem to be doing all the right things, like going to Pilates classes... Over the years, I’ve observed many hundreds of clients who come […]

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If I am doing Pilates do I really need to stretch?

Often you will hear, or read, that if participating in Pilates there should be no reason to stretch. The theory is that Pilates exercises combine stretches within the movements. This is quite true, full and complete Pilates exercises DO combine stretches within the movements. However most people (the majority of the population actually) are not […]

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Here we go!

Well this is it - the launch of the new Douglas Pilates website. It has been one amazing journey to get to this point. I hope that you enjoy the journey through my website and continue to enjoy the journey further as you learn the Douglas Pilates Method.

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