About Susan Douglas.

When we work together, you get all of my 30-plus years of experience, my care, and my passion for getting you the results you want.
This is a block of text. Double-click this text to edit it.When you look at my qualifications, below, you’ll notice a breadth of fitness approaches and a strong emphasis on working with people with special fitness needs.

Since 2002 I have trained and assessed upwards of 200 Pilates Instructors and Fitness Instructors. Again, what I love about this is imparting knowledge and understanding – helping instructors-in-training develop professionally – not just filling them with facts.

I'm happy to talk to the press about the Douglas Method and/or the Fitness Industry and can be contacted here...

Career Highlights:

  • From 2004-2009, I lectured in Pilates at The Pilates Institute (now Pilates Precision) in London
  • During that time I was invited to run a “train the trainer” course at the internationally recognised South African Exercise Training Academy, and to train and mentor one of the lecturing staff at the Pilates Institute in Dusseldorf, Germany – the birthplace of Joseph Pilates
  • I’ve undertaken research into the effects of massage stimulation on muscle function for MS sufferers – with good results
  • I’ve taught on NVQ, NC and HNC courses through colleges, trained through private training providers and mentored a student through Level 2/3 UKCC in Sports Coaching Techniques
  • In 2006, I designed a Pilates workshop for the Scottish Disabled Athletic Team, after being recommended to them
  • I’ve recently (2013) completed a BA in Professional Development through Dundee University and currently I’m investigating doing a PhD researching certain aspects of the Douglas Method
  • For the last 12 months or so I’ve been recording the Douglas Method and designing/developing a practitioner training syllabus and master-classes. (If you are interested in training with the Douglas Method, please click here to get on my “Instructor Training Information List” mailing list)

Qualifications & Credentials

  • BA in Professional Development (University of Dundee)
  • Certificate in Teaching Qualification Further Education (TQFE) from the University of Dundee
  • Back Pain Level 4 REPS
  • GP Referral Level 3 REPS
  • Advanced Instructor Level 3 REPS
  • Pilates Matwork Level 3
  • Pilates Healthy Back, Pilates in Pregnancy, Pilates Seniors
  • RSA – Exercise to Music
  • ITEC Diploma in Anatomy, Physiology and Body Massage
  • Jing Advanced Clinical Massage
  • Practitioners Certificate in Myofascia Release (CTHA)
  • ASA (Amateur Swimming Assoc.) Aquafit Teacher Certificate
  • YMCA Certificate in Resistance Training
  • YMCA Certificate in Cardiovascular Machine Training
  • Keiser Indoor Cycling Instructor Certificate
  • Aero Skip Sports Ltd Instructor Certification
  • Reiki – First Degree in Usui System of Natural Healing
  • HNC and HND in Personal Training...

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  • Stretching Techniques
  • Exercise for Antenatal and Postnatal Groups (merit)
  • Exercise for Mature Movers (Merit)
  • Sports Mechanics and Human Performance (Merit)
  • Fitness Testing and Assessment (Merit)
  • Nutritiion, Diet and Weight Control (Merit)
  • Sports Related Nutrition
  • Leadership and Personal Effectiveness
  • Physical Activity and Health in Contemporary Society
  • Circuit and Resistance Training (Merit)
  • Development of Resistance Training Programmes
  • Exercise Principles and Programming
  • Anatomy and Exercise Physiology
  • Operation of Health and Fitness Studies
  • Exercise to music
  • Investigating and Analysing on a Research Topic
  • Stress Management Practice (Merit)
  • First Aid
  • Managing Activities
  • IT
  • Self Employment and Small Business
  • Exercise for Mature Movers
  • Stress Management Practice
  • Sports Injuries – Prevention and Rehabilitation Principles
  • Water Based Exercise Programmes
  • Exercise for Children Through Sports Related Activity
  • Workplace Experience (Livingston Football Club Physio Department)
  • Event Management in Sport
  • Managing Activities (Merit)
  • Leadership and Personal Effectiveness
  • Operation of a Health and Fitness Suite
  • Physical Activity and Health in Contemporary Society
  • Health Screening
  • Fun!

    When I’m not working with clients or developing the Douglas Method you can find me hanging out with my horse Falcon. I also love to dance and am a member of Ceroc Scotland and Bachata Edinburgh.
    And I have monkey feet!! ….
    Monkey feet are good for doing Pilates in!

    ….OK they are shoes with toes, but they look like monkey feet!

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