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Virtual Pain Relief
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Welcome to the Douglas Method.

Hello, I'm Susan and I help Chronic Pain sufferers reduce pain so that they can enjoy life again.
"I’ve suffered from back pain for months if not years. I went to visit Susan and after the first appointment I felt an improvement, after the second visit I had experienced my first pain 
free days for a long time. After the third appointment and up till now I have been pain free.
 Thank you... "

Craig Paterson
Helping YOU to Alleviate Pain and Discomfort in many conditions to include but not limited to Osteoporosis, Fibromyalgia, Frozen Shoulder, Chronic Pain, MS, Artthritis, Joint Hypermobility Syndrome, Sciatica, Back Pain and Joint Pain, Rehabilitation and many others.

A fundamental system which incorporates The ACE Protocol (c) to Analyse the root cause, Correct and Stop re occurence. 

My Mission

I believe that much of the current accepted health and wellness information is failing to look at the root cause of many reasons for Pain in individuals.

I have now made it my goal in life to develop treatment schedules for many conditions and educate individuals as well as the medical professionals that they depend on to diagnose them.

My Philosophy

The Douglas Method Focuses on reducing pain and preventing re occurence. The ACE Protocol analyse the root cause of your pain, correcting it and educating YOU to stop re occurence.

The ACE Protocol

A Analysis

C Correction

C Education to prevent re occurence