Want to stay fit for a long life?.

Feel Good in Your Body with The Douglas Method

Whether you are seriously sporty, have physical limitations, or just want to enjoy life…

The Douglas Method is all about helping you feel good in your body: strong, flexible, balanced, and fit for work or play.

And that’s possible starting from wherever you are now…

That might be in pain. And the last thing you want is to make that worse. Sadly, many exercise classes end up doing just that. That’s because most exercise classes are designed around the exercises. They are regime-centred and you have to try to fit into the regime as best you can.

Otherwise, you’ll be offered “modifications” – which at best leave you stuck where you are, and at worst, can even lead to further injury.

The Douglas Method is a Different Approach to Fitness

Key to The Douglas Method is getting to the root of your aches and pains and then not just working round them, but (where possible) actually resolving them.

That’s because the Douglas Method is designed around YOU.
Your fitness goals. Your ability level. Your specific body structure, strengths and weaknesses.

"Douglas Method Classes helped me avoid surgery…" ~ Sandra Macmillan

"…I no longer suffer discomfort or need to take pain-killers…" ~ Alan Wilson

"The Douglas Method has played a major factor in improving my back problems to the extent that I recently completed my first off road trail half marathon…" ~Stuart Younie

Better than Pilates,Yoga or Weight Training.

Many people love Pilates,Yoga or weight training,

But some find that they simply cannot do many of the moves, especially the more advanced ones. This can be frustrating and disheartening.

Unlike standard fitness classes, the Douglas Method is not about how many repeats you can do or how "big" you can go with an exercise.

It's more about figuring out what is and isn't working in your body - what's causing e.g. the back-pain, or frozen shoulder, or weak wrists.

And then tuning the exercises and other interventions to what you need to recover from injury, improve functioning, and get rid of back-pain.

Instead of being regime-centred, it is YOU-centred.

The Douglas Method, therefore, can underpin any of your other fitness activities (Pilates, dance, yoga, sport, martial arts, etc etc) - helping you perform better in all of your physical activities.

Who Is It For?.

The Douglas Method is suitable for ALL.

It provides multiple fine levels of challenge from the very very basic up to extremely challenging. So fitness and body awareness is built from the ground up - at your pace - not the class pace.

Both small classes and personal consultations are available.
It can help you whether you have an acute injury, you are at your wit's end from years of pain, or you are just fed-up feeling your age.